Welcome to Maths Gaps

This blog is for anyone who is studying maths for GCSE or A level, or just likes odd maths facts.  The aim is to fill some of the gaps between the thousands of other maths blogs, videos and websites already out there, and to pull together information that you might find useful or interesting.  If you’re looking urgently for a tutorial on quadratic equations, you should probably click away now – but on the other hand, you might find something here you didn’t even know you wanted to learn about.

I’m Simon Buttler – a maths tutor based in Cardiff, teaching mostly A level maths and further maths these days.  I used to work in IT and was an archaeologist before that, so some of the gaps might actually be filled with ruminations about computers or brochs (or food or music or …) but most of the blog will be maths related.

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